Patatas Bravas

23 Feb , 2017  

Few things are more quintessentially Spanish than crispy potato chunks topped with spicy, smoky tomato sauce and a creamy aioli (or alioli as they call it in Spain). These are great served with toothpicks for utensils as an appetizer, or combined with cheeses and cured meats to create an easy tapas spread. They also make […]


Spanish Beef Stew

15 Feb , 2017  

This Catalan Beef Stew has so many of the flavors of Spain, from the roasted peppers, the green olives and smoked paprika to the pop of citrus provided by the orange juice. This hearty stew is great on its own with bread, but can also be served over velvety potato purée or polenta. Ingredients 4T […]

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Amsterdam: The Food

13 Feb , 2017  

Restaurant Recommendations The Pancake Bakery – Pancakes Moeders – Traditional Brasserie de Groot – New Dutch Restaurant De Luwte – Modern Razzmatazz – Modern On my first trip to Amsterdam, I hadn’t done much research about the food scene beforehand, since it was a fairly last minute trip. And so it was that I arrived […]

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Aix Deux

9 Feb , 2017  

Restaurant Recommendations La Cintra – Brasserie Chez Laurette – Brasserie, Seafood Bistro des Philosophes – Modern French Just en Face – Modern French La Tomate Verte – Modern French Cafe l’Horloge – Café Recipes Gambas and Seared Scallops Provencal Endive Gratin With Ham My second visit to Aix-en-Provence has endeared me to it even further. […]


Endive Gratin With Ham

7 Feb , 2017  

This gooey, hot dish gets an extra kick from salty ham. It’s perfectly accompanied by a nice leafy green salad with a tart vinaigrette and a crunchy baguette. It also pairs nicely with dry white wine or rosé. Servings: 2 Preparation Time: 30 minutes Ingredients 6T Unsalted butter 2 T flour 1 T Dijon mustard […]


Gambas & Scallops Provencal

7 Feb , 2017  

If you’re looking for a low-expertise dish that makes a big impression look no further than this recipe. So many of the flavors of Provence come together in this dish that is going to beg to be sopped with good bread. Servings: 2 Preparation Time: Approximately 45 minutes. Ingredients 2 Large shallots sliced 1/4 C. […]